Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Blue! Polka Dots! Gingham! And Maths!

So check it out. I'm friends with a real-life Spice Girl.
Dress is from Bonne Chance | bag is thrifted | socks from a market | shoes from Yeswalker | hair clip c/o Sarsparilly

Now that I've convinced Katie to start blogging I'm fairly sure that my outfit photos are going to become 15% more ridiculous. Having someone to take photos with is much more fun than hanging out alone with my tripod or my grumpy boyfriend (who only becomes grumpy when I ask him to take photos, please keep that in mind, but it's not much fun).

So! My outfit. I was somewhat disappointed with this Bonne Chance dress as it literally has no room for my bust - I can only squeeze into it if I don't wear a bra and have my boobs flattened like crazy! While their other dresses usually fit me around the bust, this particular one is almost like a child's dress that has been scaled up but they forgot to account for puberty. While I love Bonne Chance's gorgeous dresses, their sizing is a little inconsistent - for example this one, although it gives the exact same bust measurements, is a LOT more roomy. However, it has inspired me to make a tutorial for you guys to show you what you can do when a dress is too small for you, but you really want to keep it! Stay tuned.

Katie's outfit in these photos is also 50% acquired from my own wardrobe - I gave Katie these pants (which I wore here) and boots (which I wore here), and I really like how she styled it up in a completely different way to what I would have done! It's really interesting seeing your clothes being used for a style that you wouldn't normally wear yourself! I have also slowly been learning that giving away your clothes to people who'll actually wear them loads is much more satisfying than hoarding them forever and never wearing them, haha.

So how are you all? I'm super, super busy and wish I could be posting more!! Uni has been stressing me out like a motherflipper, meaning I can't take as many photos of my outfits as I would like! If you have instagram, I have been documenting more of my outfits on there lately because it only takes 2 seconds - so you can follow me there (as "littlepineneedle") just in case you've been missing my outfit posts lately ;)

Lastly - this video is SO good! Maths & philosophy, I'm nerding out! You should appreciate this video even if you don't really like maths (I'm somewhat terrified of maths myself, and I am hoping that watching videos about it will trick me into suddenly being good at it... or something. Yup).

All the love in the world,

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Friday, 11 April 2014

Red Hair, Docs & Polka Dots | Gender & Genetics

Dresses are both from Bonne Chance | Cherries c/o Sarsparilly | shoes are thrifted | picnic basket is thrifted | socks are from a market stall |  Lime Crime Velvetines (red velvet) on our lips

Even though it was raining non-stop yesterday, Katie and I had very important plans to take outfit photos, and neither the rain nor the fact that it made our hair mega-frizzster could stop us!

I dressed both myself and Katie up in my new dresses from Bonne Chance collections - and I had way too much fun doing this because Katie is basically like a porcelain doll (with the ridiculously pretty long hair to match). These Bonne Chance dresses are an absolute dream - though I have to say that if you're any bustier than I am (which isn't very difficult), size up! They're also very short - which for me, means that I get to wear my super cute lace bloomers underneath, hooray! Both of our shoes are thrifted authentic Dr Martens - and both pairs were less than $10, I am proud to say. I got these Mary Jane airwaves for $4 just last week - it was one of those op-shops finds that you make where you start hyperventilating in the middle of the store because you can't believe your good luck (um, other people do that, right? Or is it just me?)

Hop along to Katie's blog to see more photos!

As has been the mission on my blog for a good year, I want to dismantle the stereotype that you can't be interested in fashion and be smart at the same time! In the same vein, while you can get together with your friends and spend the day dressing up, taking photos and talking about dresses, you shouldn't have to hide the fact that you're also passionately interested in physics/geology/politics/feminism/food photography/statistics or whatever else floats your boat! So not only are Katie and I collaborating on our outfits today, we're also collaborating on our general nerdiness ;)
While I'm a biology/genetics major, Katie is a gender studies major, so I think that this is fitting to talk about today: there was a discussion going down on real scientists this morning which encapsulated both (and read through all the tweets if you have time/are procrastinating, it was a fascinating discussion!)

Science, especially where genetics is concerned, often makes the mistake of using the words "sex" and "gender" interchangeably, when they're both actually two very different things. Science is also littered with gendered language. For instance, in scientific textbooks, the Y chromosome is often referred to as the "male" chromosome.
While sex is, traditionally and from a genetic point of view, determined by the chromosomes you are born with (and in no way restricts you to being either female or male), gender is something that exists on a continuum, that is fluid and informed by individual identity and culture.

This discussion led me to this article, which is what I want to share with you all:

This research done last year shows that even the chromosomes you are born with does not determine your sex - a father with XY chromosomes can have a daughter with XY chromosomes - and additionally that the "switch" that turns on male characteristics in a developing foetus is actually not a very strong switch at all, and very small environmental factors or mutations can stop that switch from flipping. Whereas the development of vitally important organs like the heart, brain or lungs have many genetic safeguards to prevent something like a small environmental change affecting their growth, sex determination is not under the same pressure. It has been theorized that this "weak switch" is helpful for spreading genetic diversity - it's beneficial to the population to have individuals who defy traditional sex binaries. Or, it might just be a random accident.
But whatever its cause, through our genetic makeup, sex is evolutionarily designed to be fluid, and "biological sex" might reflect the spectrum of genders more than was ever thought.

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Taking a Risk

Blouse is thrifted | skirt is thrifted | shoes are thrifted

You know when you find a piece of clothing that you *really* want, and even though it's a good size too small you suddenly lose all common sense and buy it anyway? Well, yeah. This skirt. That story. After wearing it around for a whole day, I decided that it was *far* too tight and put it up for sale in my shop - and it's now on its way to a lovely person, who I hope hasn't made the same silly mistake as me!
And just so you all know, I've decided to close my shop down until July when I have more free time.

This. Video. Is. Amazing. As humans, we're absolutely terrible at statistics and judging risk! Just have a watch, I promise that it will make you think. Now I'm going to get off my butt and stop accumulating negative microlives! I hope that you're all having a great day :D

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Butterflies & Polka Dots

Dress is thrifted | tights c/o Chicwish (ages old) | shoes are Naot | belt is thrifted

This polka dot dress and the bow-belt are some more awesome thrifted finds that altogether cost me $3. I've been having the best run in thrift stores and markets stalls lately! The other day, I even got myself an incredible Black Milk swimsuit for $15!! (I almost hyperventilated when the girl told me the price, and basically ripped it out of her hands). Black Milk swimsuits are usually $100, so you can imagine that I was pretty pleased with myself. But now that I know my size... it's really difficult not to go to the actual Black Milk site and blow all my savings (especially the Adventure Time ones)! Perhaps I will ask for one for my birthday, which is coming up very soon... :)

I love you guys!

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