Sunday, 1 February 2015

Book of Deer

Dress c/o Book of Deer | ring is thrifted | socks are from markets | shoes are from Asos
Photos were taken by Leila, in Mui Wo on Lantau island

Last Tuesday I was able to meet up with the designer of the dress that I'm wearing, Book of Deer's Eilidh in Hong Kong. It unexpectedly ended up being one of the best days of my travels so far! If you haven't heard of Book of Deer before (somehow I hadn't until Eilidh contacted me and suggested that we meet up), I highly suggest that you go and follow the brand on all of the social media. Not only are Eilidh's designs pretty much the cutest/most adorable of all time, she is also a genuinely lovely and thoughtful person, and manages to run Book of Deer all on her own. Eilidh took me to an independent creative designers space called PMQ, but I honestly didn't end up looking at much while I was there because I was having such a good time chatting to Eilidh about fashion design, blogging, ethical manufacturing, factories and life in Hong Kong and the UK. It made me realise how much I wish I had more real-life friends who were into this whole fashion thing (apart from my bestie Katie, of course!)
When we were parting ways, Eilidh gifted me this super cute dress - how lucky am I?? It was so gorgeous that I had to wear it immediately, even though it was still totally creased from being wrapped up! (p.s. please excuse the grainy phone photos!)
Eilidh told me that she just really wanted to give me a dress & didn't expect me to promote the brand - so this isn't at all a sponsored post! I just genuinely think that Book of Deer is such a cool brand (and this is also a truly gorgeous dress), so I really want everyone to go and check it out!

 - I also had to make a little collage of what I think would be the cutest outfit ever (it's bear-themed!) using some of Book of Deer's items:

Today I'm taking myself to Hong Kong's medical science museum, to try and get out of this being-uninterested-in-science-slump that I seem to be in right now. I hope that I'll come back totally reinvigorated about science and also be able to bring you all some interesting facts!

Until next time,

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Friday, 30 January 2015

Hong Kong Travel Vlog #2

I stumbled across this incredible part of Hong Kong the other night - a total vintage-lovers, kitschy, DIY-er's paradise! While I had only planned on showing this area as a small segment of one video, as I explored it and realised how amazing it was, I decided that it needed to be its own entire video.

The area encompasses Granville Road and Kimberley Street in Tsim Sha Tsiu, Kowloon. I hadn't heard about this particular area in any of my research for cool places to visit in Hong Kong, hence my reason for really wanting to share it!

I hope you enjoy the video!

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Bloomin' Science

SO - Hong Kong. Flip. I have been having the best time - I have accumulated around 50 gigabytes of video footage and photographs so far! As soon as I get some down-time (which, to be honest, may not be until I'm back in Sydney! Hehe), I am going to post ALL OF THE THINGS! I have been discovering the most amazing markets, shops and places to visit and I can't wait to share them. I've also been having a great couple of days of meeting Hong Kong locals, such as designer and illustrator Eilidh from Book of Deer! I love that my blog has allowed me to meet so many cool people from all over the world, who I would otherwise have never known about. Can I give a shout-out to the internet?
Top is DIY | necklace is handmade (Hong Kong, HKID gallery) | skirt is vintage | shoes are from Asos (sold out) | belt is vintage

Also - you might have noticed that I haven't posted any science news/facts/tidbits on here for a while. I've been having somewhat of a mini-life-crisis, thinking, "maybe I don't like science anymore?? Maybe I just want to do sewing/fashion/design and make videos forever??" - until I realised that I actually just dislike exams (who doesn't) and it was the stress of two super difficult biochemistry examinations that put me off science for a while. But last night I started watching SciShow again and remembered that I do actually love science. Because you can use it to answer both every serious and ridiculous question that you might have. Like "why can you see your breath in the cold?" and"do you REALLY only use 10% of your brain?" (the answer is no.)

I wanted to share one of my favourite videos from SciShow, to try and get back into the habit of blogging about science more regularly again! You should totally watch this, even if you already know the answer:

Much love!

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

This is where I live now / Cheung Chau

Yesterday we explored this amazing island called Cheung Chau, and I wore what I decided to call my "flirty grandma" outfit - complete with a functioning harmonica necklace! I couldn't help myself but go back to Me & George - the lace top, skirt and cardigan are all pieces that I picked up there on my second trip (all together they were HK$100, which is about US $12.90!)

It wasn't exactly beach weather, but it was the perfect temperature for cycling around exploring the beautiful fishing town.
I also made a dorky video of me cycling around (I had many people laughing at me for using a selfie stick while cycling, which was fair because I'm sure I looked somewhat ridiculous):

It's so pretty here. I wanted to cry when we had to leave.
Top, cardigan and skirt from Me & George (vintage) | socks are from Japan | shoes are Naot Kedma's | jewellery is thrifted

And this is Leila's outfit (isn't she a babe?). Her skirt is also from Me & George. It's our favourite place.

Until next time,

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