Sunday, 1 March 2015

DIY T-Shirt | "Get Sewing With Me" Episode #1

I have started a new Youtube Series called Get Sewing With Me - it's like "Get Ready With Me" videos but better ;) (and don't worry, Make Thrift Buy isn't going anywhere!)

In my spare time, I do a lot of sewing which I don't film either because I don't have a specific tutorial in mind, or it might require a bit of specialized equipment that most people don't own. But I thought that it would be cool to start filming some of these things that I make, because it could still help inspire your own sewing projects, show you some tips and tricks, or give you ideas for equipment you might want to get in the future! (And of course if you're a more intermediate-advanced sewer, then you could definitely use this as a tutorial!)

This tutorial will (hopefully!) teach you how to DIY a t-shirt from scratch, using an old top as a pattern. It can be used to make any kind of t-shirt.

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Scary Rides & New Friends: Hong Kong Travel Vlog #4!

I've already talked about how I was lucky enough to meet up with some really cool people in Hong Kong - and one of them was Maddy! She showed me around a couple of places in Hong Kong, one of them being Ocean Park, an amusement park on Hong Kong Island. I snuck my camera onto a couple of rides (not the heaps dangerous ones, I was too scared haha) and I made a little vlog! I hope that you like it :)

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

DIY Daisy Boobs Tee | Make Thrift Buy #14

My sewing machine and overlocker were the first thing that I hugged when I got back to my house after a month away (my boyfriend came to pick me up from the airport - so don't worry, he was actually the first thing to be hugged!). Getting back into making clothes after a month away felt SO good - I think that I was having DIY withdrawals overseas, and even all the amazing thrift shops in Hong Kong couldn't satiate me!

So I started with a fairly simple tutorial to get back into the swing of making things - nonetheless, I hope that you all enjoy this video!

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Tiny Waists, Slender Legs & Body Policing

Contact lenses make me look like a terrifying half-human half-cyborg-doll lady, and I love it ;)
Dress is thrifted (originally Asos) | shoes are Asos | necklace is from Tash Tash Jewelry | bag is Lazy Oaf | headband is from Hong Kong | lenses are GeoMedical (Magic Color Violet)

While I was at an amusement park in Hong Kong last week, waiting in line for a scary-looking rollercoaster, a ride attendant walked up to me, pointed at my belly and exclaimed, "no baby! No baby!"

Yep. She was telling me that I couldn't get on the ride because she thought that I was several months pregnant.

Horrified as I was, I assured her that I wasn't in fact pregnant and probably just had a bit of a food baby going on. The ride attendant grumpily walked away without offering an apology or looking even the slightest bit remorseful.

Now, I'm not posting this here for reassurance - I know that I do not look pregnant and any suggestion that I look like I am is somewhat ridiculous. And sure, maybe I was just standing in a relaxed position with my hands clasped over my tummy, which could possibly have led to the mistaken idea that I was well into my third trimester.

But this experience led me to what I think is a much more problematic and deeply-rooted issue involving the policing of women's bodies: the idea that if a women doesn't have a perfectly flat stomach, she shouldn't wear a tight-fitting dress (likewise, the idea that any woman over a size 6 shouldn't wear leggings). If women have any fat on their stomachs, they are expected to hide it - leading to situations like mine wherein any women showing off her little belly is assumed to be pregnant rather than merely having fat deposits on her abdomen.

Think about it. Have you ever, ever seen a model with a belly wearing a bodycon dress?? Even brands that use plus size models make sure that those models are curvy in all the "right" places. We're now being told that it's okay to be curvy and to love your curvy body - as long as those fat deposits decide to reside solely on your bust and your buttocks, giving you the perfect hourglass figure.

And I'll admit that I was still sucking my stomach in while taking these photos. I also tend to only wear clothing which flares out at the waist in order to hide my stomach. Because I am a product of this oppressive thought, and part of me believes that I'll be taken less seriously and that my photos will be less liked if I show that tummy off.

This needs to change.

I want to be able to wear anything that I want, regardless of whether it suits me or looks "flattering" on my body.
I'm fitter and healthier than I've been in a long, long time. And yet, I still have a little pot belly. And this is okay and perfectly, perfectly normal. So this is my pledge: I'm not going to automatically shy away from wearing dresses which show it off. I'm going to wear dresses that aren't "right" for my body type. I'm going to dress in the clothes that I like, and focus on what my body can do rather than what it looks like - regardless of what society thinks.
And I encourage you all to do that same, whatever that may be for you. Grow your body hair long, wear leggings, singlet tops, tight pants and short skirts - do something that makes either yourself or other people uncomfortable, and then realise how much it just doesn't matter. Forgo make up, cake on make up, dress up, dress down - do whatever the hell you want. Because it's your body, and your body can do amazing things.

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