Friday, 5 October 2012

DIY Floral Overalls/Romper

I decided to make some floral overalls the other day. It was a ridiculously easy thing to make, so I hope the following photos of the process will inspire someone to make some for themselves! Also I always pose with my torso kind of twisted to the side which has made the overalls look all lopsided in the photos. They're really not... but I conveniently didn't notice this until I'd already climbed into comfy pyjamas. I'll take more photos one day soon, and try not to pose so wonky.. haha.

First, you just need to make some shorts like in this DIY. These are the easiest shorts to make in the world. But don't add any elastic yet. Also, make the waist a lot wider than you need (add a few inches to each side) - this will be fixed with elastic later. Make sure you can get them on and off before you continue!
Then you need to simply cut out a rectangle as wide as your shorts and as high up as you want it to be.
Now make the casing for the elastic on your shorts, but don't insert the elastic just yet.
You make the casing by turning your shorts inside out, folding down the top of the shorts all the way around, and then sewing all the way around, making sure to leave a small gap.

Now sew the rectangle you cut out to the front of the shorts...
Then insert the elastic into the waistband of the shorts... (good tutorial here).

And you should have something like this:
I then also added darts to the bodice for shape, and sewed little buttons on as well.

Then I just made two straps from the same fabric by cutting out 2 long strips much like I did in this tutorial on making suspenders. I attached them so that they were criss-crossed on the back.
And that was it!
I really haven't figured out exactly how to wear these floral overalls yet. I just threw on this blouse with it because I wanted to quickly take photos, but any suggestions of shirts people think would go really well with these overalls, I would be grateful to hear!


  1. Oh my goodness, I have decided to make all of your DIY projects after I finish my wace exams this year. I cannot wait, your tutorials are the best!!

    xx carina

  2. They're more of a romper! I would call them a romper, it doesn't have the rejected 90s style stigma that "overalls" do.

    1. Haha okay, I'll call them a romper then ;)

    2. Although just so you know I kind of have a secret love for 90s fashion. Including the overalls.

  3. Gorgeous. If I was 20 years younger...

  4. So cute! You and your little sewing genius! I thing this blouse looks really good with them! Also, Bonnie over at Flashes of style just wore overall shorts with tights and a striped top and that looked really adorable too! Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  5. when I have 8 weeks of summer, I will definitely be giving this a go. Fingers crossed it turns out as well as yours :D

  6. I think these have a flare of 90's to them. Which I also have a love for. They look great! Jess

  7. Ok, you are amazing! These are super cute!


  8. Wow, this is such lovely DYI! Babe, tell me, how much fabric I need to sew peter pan collar tee ? I wanna try ! :)

    1. Ahmm.. I actually have no idea. I never measure how much fabric I need because I tend to make things up on the spot when I'm making them. Plus it depends on how big you want it, is your fabric stretchy etc. I'd say a metre/metre and a half is plenty..

  9. Great tutorial! Love the finished result :) <3

  10. you're so lovely!kisses from Italy

  11. your blog was so lovely. i love every post that you post in your blog.
    a simple girl with a gorgeous dress *_* hmm
    i really love your outfit so much. can you follow me, maybe? follow for follow.
    thanks, x :)

  12. loved your blog, realy! and this outfit and this jumpsuit are the cuteness itself! congratulations :))

    much love, sofia xx

  13. I had not seen your new look, U sew very good!
    I love the tutorial!!cool!


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