Pine, Needle & Thread

This page features all my DIY tutorials, as well as some DIY inspirations. Click each photo to go through to the corresponding DIY!
I've taught myself to sew over the last couple of years, so don't take these DIYs as absolute gospel - I'm just showing you guys what worked well for me, and will often update my techniques as I get better!

DIY circle skirt DIY Vintage Hairstyle Turn a jumpsuit into a dress DIY Peter Pan Collar How to sew sleeves DIY Heart Cutout Dress DIY Socks DIY Frilly Socks Skater Dress DIY DIY Circle Skirt Crop Top DIY Smock Dress DIY Crop T-shirt Cropped Tee Comic Print DIY Animal Bag DIY Pinafore DIY Collar Clips DIY Skirt DIY

Older DIYS (these techniques are probably not the greatest but still work alright; I made these when I really didn't have much clue about sewing):
Backpack DIY DIY Bag Pinafore DIY DIY Romper Shorts DIY Shorts DIY knicker shorts diy diy circle skirt dress appliqué shorts cupcake brogues heart tights DIY Scallop Shorts Vintage Dress Upcycle Velvet skirt to dress Velvet skirt to dress Velvet skirt to dress Velvet skirt to dress  Deer Print T-Shirt DIY Peter Pan Collars DIY Stamped tights DIY floral shoes DIY Heart Print Tights DIY Swallow tights How to sew a dress Heart cutout DIY How to sew a skirt pleats DIY collar  DIY cutout dress 
DIY cutout dress DIY galaxy shirt 

Pastel Pink Hair DIY Pastel Blue Hair DIY

Painted Birds on Wall Painted Birds on Wall