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Sponsoring my blog helps me to buy craft materials for DIY projects (which means - more projects! Hooray!) and it also helps to keep my blog running!

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Store promotion/product reviews - If you own a store, small or large, and you want to collaborate on a blog post by sending me an item of clothing, then please contact me and let me check out your store! *Note: I only accept clothing from stores with ethical business practices and I reserve the right to decline.

I have worked with the following companies from March 2012: Eclectic Eccentricity, Sarsparilly, Ladybird Likes, Ginger Pickle, Freena, Tabbi Socks, I Love Crafty, Angel Szafranko, Free People, Koogal, Modcloth, Sheinside, Flapper Girl, Jump From PaperShop With Romi, Faith & Lola, Marc B, Dizzy Little Dotty, Rire Boutique, Mart of China, My TightsGlamorous UK, Wholesale-dress, Oasap, Romwe, Tomorrow Never KnowsSock Dreams USA, Sammy DressChoiesEFoxCity, Funk Kit, ChicwishOh My Love, Cichic, Yeswalker, AX Paris, Shelikes, ChictopiaMochi Beaucoup, BCozyUKAb HairMod Dolly, Milanoo, Cichic,  My Name Necklace, Top2BcThe North Way StudioShoppalu, Sugarlips Apparel, US Trendy.

Giveaways - I am happy to run giveaways as well. Email me for more information. See past examples of giveaways here! I ask for a value of $40 or more (though I can compromise if you sell handmade!), and it is your responsibility to ship the item to the winner.

You can contact me on annikavictoria@gmail.com should you have any questions.

Blog Statistics
Current as of 28 November 2014
Pageviews per day (as recorded by Google Analytics) are anywhere from 3,500 - 5,500.
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Disclaimer: All product reviews contain my own opinions. I will not accept sponsorship if it does not suit my blog, and I will never give a store a glowing review unless they are truly deserving of it. I will also never direct my readers to another site if the link has been paid for, without mentioning that it is an ad. I don't take every company on and only accept sponsors who fit the style, aesthetic and ethics of my blog. In the unlikely circumstance that I am entirely dissatisfied with a brand or product that I have been asked to review I will contact the store/brand and we can talk it over.